Transportation and Parking

We discourage commuting because of the ­intensity of the program. If you must commute, we recommend public transportation because parking in Cambridge is notoriously difficult. A few permits for on campus parking are ­available for purchase; for information see

Public Transportation
Boston has an expansive public transportation system that allows riders to move freely within the city and surrounding areas. Since parking is extremely limited and costly, we strongly recommend students take advantage of the transit system.  For more information on public transportation, please visit

Although Harvard Square is a pedestrian area many people use bikes during the nice summer months. If you decide to bring a bike, please remember to bring an adequate lock. Here in Cambridge we have clever bike thieves who work throughout the day. Please remember to always lock your bike (tire and frame to bike rack) while unattended.

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing vehicles to Cambridge as University and city parking demands exceed availability. On street parking is limited and restricted to Cambridge residents with a city permit. Parking at University garages or lots may be accessed for at least $17.00 per day. For more information on parking, please contact the Campus Service Center at 617-496-7827 or by email at

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